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nerd rope edibles

nerds rope edible Gummy edibles and sweet medicated candy that are so delicious, words just won’t do it justice. Available in Strawberry, Blueberry and Cherry flavors. Rope for Medicated Nerds Each rope contains 400mg of THC. These medicated gummy rops are covered in Wonka’s crunchy, delicious nerds. They satisfy your sweet tooth as well as your body. This is the perfect treat to enjoy after a hard day at work.

Ghost Vapors’ most popular product is the Nerd Rope Edibles. This nerdsrope edible contains 500mg of Delta-8 THC.NOTNot meant to be eaten in one go! Start with a small piece and then gradually increase your tolerance.

What is Nerd Rope Edibles, you ask?

medicated nerds rope THC-infused nerdsrope edibles have been in the market for a while, especially within the black market of THC product. Our Nerd rope edibles contain gummy bears and nerds as well as premium delta 8 distillate. Ghost Vapors is committed to following the 2018 Farm Bill, which made Delta 8 legal. We also provide third-party lab testing on all our products.

500mg Edible

nerds rope edible The 400mg edible packs a punch. It all boils down to human biology. The liver breaks down THC when it’s consumed in edible form.

Potent Nerds Rope

The liver reacts to THC by turning it into 11-Hydroxy THC. This is more potent than D8 or D9. 500mg THC equals 500mg! You want to learn more about Delta 8 You can find that article here. Delta 8 Edibles – Want to see more? This blog will help you!

Ghost Vapors believes that our gummy edibles are so delicious that you’ll want to eat more! To create a soft, chewy and crunchy experience, our gummies are coated with rainbow nerds. You have to try it! Both the geeks and our gummies have natural flavors.

nerd ropes edibles

The Nerds Rope edible currently comes in three flavors: Cherry Frost, Orange Frost, and Pineapple Frost.

Ghost Vapors has created these flavors. They are a candy-like and gummy edible that will satisfy sweet tooths.

Based on customer experience, we recommend that you start with.5 ounces of Nerds Rope. Wait up to 2 hours for the effect to kick in. You can adjust the dose according to your needs!

Side effects that users may experience after eating Nerd Rope Edibles
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Side effects of using Delta 8 Edibles include: Dry mouth, red eyes, increased appetite (Munchies), short-term memory impairment and dry lips.

Delta 8’s effects, both positive and negative, are less lasting than Delta 9, especially for those who have a tolerance to THC. Any negative effects should be remediated quickly.

Want to know more about Delta 8 THC Check out this article from Popular Science.

nerds-rope-edible nerds rope edible nerd ropes edibles medicated nerds rope nerd rope edibles

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