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Moonrock Ice


The  Moonrock Ice  is a particular flower extract and known to all lovers of CBD. This flower extract is not a simple and banal flower extract, it is obtained following a process which is as follows;

  • Dry Moonrock CBD flower heads, making sure to retain terpenes, cannabinoids and aromas 
  • Immerse the dried flowers in a CBD oil 
  • Immerse the flowers in CBD crystals 

This process makes it possible to obtain a flower extract highly concentrated in CBD, which therefore provides marked and effective effects. 


CBD rate   Greater than 80% 
THC level   Less than 0.2%  
Typical culture   Indoor (indoors), organic farming and GMO-free
Flowering time   9 weeks


Moonrock Ice was popularized around 2010 by American rappers Korupt and Dr. Zodiak.  

Moonrock Ice is primarily a flower extract from recreational cannabis, but the CBD community quickly picked up on the process to produce a CBD-rich flower extract, inducing fast, potent highs without psychotropic properties.  


The  Moonrock Ice  does not go unnoticed, indeed its appearance is rather unusual and unlike any other CBD flower extract.  

The Moonrock Ice looks like small “rocks” covered with a white layer, its appearance is reminiscent of small moon rocks, hence its name. This white layer corresponds to the pollen or the crystals that lines the flower extract. 


Moonrock Ice is rich in terpenes, these are the molecules responsible for the aromas (fragrance and taste) of many plants, in the case of this flower extract they are very concentrated. 

Moonrock Ice has intoxicating, comfortable, light and fresh aromas, its scent makes this flower extract a product very popular with CBD consumers.


The level of CBD contained in a Moonrock Ice flower extract is very high and may not be suitable for all consumers. 

She is an ideal strain for  fighting anxiety and is said to be helpful in providing relief to people suffering from epileptic seizures.  

Moonrock Ice is renowned for its intense relaxing effects provided by an unprecedented rate of cannabidiol of up to 35%. Thanks to Moonrock Ice, many people have seen their pain, stress and anxieties decrease. 

The effects provided by this flower extract are not negligible, the relaxing effect is almost instantaneous and it is therefore recommended to consume it at the end of the day, the consumption of Moonrock Ice can also be useful in the fight against insomnia.

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* All products sold  on  Captain  CBD  comply with European  standards and regulations. Therefore, all of our products  contain a THC level of less than 0.2% Our products are not drugs and do not produce any therapeutic effects.



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