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Proscaline is a designer drug, 4 propoxy 3,5 DMPEA, psychedelic-hallucinogen. Proscaline has properties like mescaline, isoproscaline, and also escaline.

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Buy Proscaline Online

Buy proscaline online from Microcybin. Proscaline (4-propoxy-3,5-DMPEA) is a psychedelic and hallucinogenic drug. It has structural properties similar to the drugs mescaline, isoproscaline, and escaline. In PiHKAL, Alexander Shulgin reports that a dose of 30–60 mg produces effects lasting 8–12 hours.

Proscaline is unscheduled and unregulated in the United States, but it could be considered an analog of a schedule I drug, mescaline, under the Federal Analog Act and thus be subject to the same control measures and penalties for possession and manufacture as a Schedule I drug.


  • 5 mg = Threshold dose
    Best if you’re afraid of tripping and you still want to reap the benefits
  • 15-30 mg = Light dose
    Best if you take the substance for enjoyment or for solving human problems (business, relationships, …)
  • 30-40 mg = Regular dose
    The insights you’ll learn are easier to retain and incorporate than if you were to take higher doses
  • 40-60 mg = Strong dose
    Great for deep personal change
  • 60+ mg = High dose

Best for getting mystical experiences and insights into the nature of reality, this dose is also great if you have a problem with letting go because such a high dose will force you to surrender to the experience. With that said, there is no scientific evidence to prove that high doses are safe


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