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BLUE GUAVA GELATO BACKPACKBOYZ is an interesting evenly-balanced hybrid strain of cannabis. Although much of the Internet attributes this strain to a mysterious “Fruiti Labs,” the most likely origin of this strain is the famous cannabis grow run by Sherbinkski. Sherbinkski is a cannabis company that specializes in all forms of cannabis consumption as well as lifestyle products and branding. They are most known for creating the Gelato strain and popularizing its many phenotypes.

Blue Guava Gelato is a phenotype of the famous Gelato strain, which means it is one of the many individual genetic ways Gelato presents itself. It shares the same parents as other Gelato phenotypes: Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbert.

buy guava gelato backpackboyz online

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Blue Guava Gelato buds are not any different from plain Gelato buds physically. They often take the shape of medium-sized nugs with hues ranging from mint green to dark purple. Likewise, the nugs are wrapped with bright orange hairs that give the flower a bit of depth and contrast.


Finding big buds is going to be very hard, as they sell out almost instantly. You’re more likely to find this strain in the shake section or in the form of concentrate. The terpene profile in this bud is exclusively unique to this phenotype of Gelato, as it contains aromas of creamy tropical fruits mixed with piña colada and what most can only describe as a sharp hoppy scent. The flavor is quite similar and tastes like, as one reviewer put it, “a piña colada with hops.”

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The effects of this strain are no different than those provided by Gelato itself. It provides an uplifting effect at the onset of the high that is sure to bring feelings of elation and euphoria into your mind. Those who consume blue Guava Gelato do so with the intention of alleviating symptoms of chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, and gastrointestinal issues.


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