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Kaviar Pre Roll

kaviar pre roll start with premium flower that’s infused with hash oil, then rolled in kief. Ground and expertly rolled with a luxurious KAVIAR branded glass tip in every artisinal pre-roll. Our blend of high quality flower, oil, and kief makes Kaviar Cones the smoothest and most consistent product on the market. Boasting 1.5g strain-specific, slow-burning cones, our THC potency ranges from 30%-50%. You can expect a premium, unique experience every time, as no 2 batches of Kaviar are the same. Our custom glass tips provide an added luxury to your experience.


Straight out of the package, the Kaviar cone looked a notch above any other pre-roll we’ve seen. The packaging and branding were consistent, sleek and on point, making for a truly deluxe presentation. The cone was rolled nicely with no kinks or crimps and the filter fit snugly into the included glass filter tip – an added bonus that really adds to the luxury factor. In true cone fashion, the joint was thick and packed to the end with Kaviar’s sweet-smelling blend of flower, hash oil and kief.

In comparison to some of the other caviar products our review team has tried in the past, the Kaviar cone had a much more noticeable aroma. The indica blend we sampled smelled slightly sweet with hints of sour earthiness and pine that lingered on the nostrils. It’s a little tough to truly judge the pre-combustion aroma through joint papers (even if they are unbleached an all-natural) but we felt the Kaviar indica blend held up pretty well.
Once we lit the joint, the aroma was rather pungent and the piney notes we smelled earlier were intensified. The smoke had a sweet, earthy tinge and covered the scent of burning paper nicely. Unlike a traditional cannabis joint, the smell of the Kaviar cone was much hashier and had a heavier aroma due to the thicker smoke density.


Before lighting up the joint to judge the flavor during combustion, we took a few dry draws to better experience the taste of the trifecta blend. The flavor was similar to the aroma, yet much more full-bodied and rich. It was apparent that premium flower, hash oil and kief were used, as the taste was quite fresh with notes of sour pine, sweet diesel and a hashy, earthy aftertaste.
Upon smoking the joint, we instantly noticed how smooth the burn was. The smoke was clean and very pleasant to inhale. The flavor of the combusted trifecta was a delightful mix of hashy notes sprinkled with hints of sweet-earthiness throughout. As the joint burned, the sweet, hashy flavor lingered and became earthier on the exhale about midway through.
Not one reviewer mentioned any throat irritation or issues and the ash burned a nice, light-grey hue. The smooth burn and light ash indicated high-quality hash oil as well as an adequate flush of both the flower and kief.


The effects of the sample were quite enjoyable and definitely indicative of a true indica experience – creeping up slowly and intensifying as the joint burned. The high was very body-oriented, providing great muscle relief and a sense of calmness. After about 45 minutes, the effects became noticeably sedative and relaxing. The effects were very tranquil and provided great stress-relieving properties. Although the high was soothing and peaceful, it was also very motivational and clear-headed. Our review team felt refreshed, chilled and ready to take on the day.
There were minimal effects in the head so if you’re looking for migraine or headache relief, we’d suggest trying one of Kaviar’s hybrid or sativa cones.


Kaviar has done a great job creating a marketable and consistent line of products that are unique and appealing. Our Kaviar cone sample truly provided a luxurious and decadent smoking experience unmatched to any other caviar or moon rocks we have sampled. From the rich, bold flavor to the smooth, heavy smoke, Kaviar has produced an artisan product at an affordable value. Fans of heavy indicas will love this product as well as those who are seeking relief from muscle pain or anxiety.
Because of its clear-headed high, this product would also be great for anyone looking to reduce their stress throughout the day and avoid feeling overwhelmed during strenuous situations. The potent indica blend was relaxing, clean and perfect for blowing off steam and getting back to enjoying the little things in life.
Ultimately we’d recommend Kaviar cones to any consumer seeking an elevated smoking experience. Try a Kaviar cone today by visiting one of your favorite dispensaries!


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